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Objectives of this site:

 Divers must develop a critical sense to their diving gear. This is for them a pledge of independence facing the trade system whose objectives do not always merge with those buyers. The arguments, which are sometimes used in the advertisement must not abuse them. Showing that buyers are not incompetents will encourage vendors to use serious arguments.


We do not want to make our visitors specialists of diving equipment . What we would like is to give users a minimum of knowledge enabling them to choose, use, maintain and discuss with vendors.


 Once we find schemes and broken that allowed troubleshooting ourselves. Those days are gone, under the argument that material requires a skill possessed by only the resellers or repairers.


"Equipment Specialist" course

There is good, even very good repairers, I know a number of them. However, it is regrettable that there is no degree in this field. Indeed, initial training is essential to understand the basis of this trade. Repairers are often trained on the job. This does them not acquire all the skills required on the hardware on which they are likely to intervene. Of course, most of them follow courses from manufacturers who make great efforts in this area but these courses are highly specialized and do not provide the basis for those who do not. A good technician must use all the resources, tools and documentation at its disposal. It must also be able to understand ancient materials, still in service, and the new material that he discovered. However, as my friend Pierre VÖGEL said:


 "A kilo of knowledge is not a gram of experience"


Most diving equipment are classified as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As such, they are subject to the corresponding standards. We cannot admit that the formation of the dealers, repairers is not seriously achieved as users.


We were told and this is often true, that clients are incompetents. How many times we hear that they know still too much. Keeping them in ignorance avoid to tinker and make dangerous errors. We can say that knowledge incites caution. Most of the diving equipment is not more complicated, and dangerous than bicycles, and yet, which is never repairing his own. A diver, facing the price and also to the repair period, may be tempted to a makeshift repair on the diving site. He must be aware of his incompetence as well as skills to decide or not to intervene himself.


Starting from the principle that a seller must know what it sells and that a buyer must know what he buys, hlbmatos site is designed to make available the necessary elements to sell, teach, choose, maintain and especially good use of diving gear.


A skilled diver must be able:


To analyse its need based on: